Catch the moments one by one

There is a certain degree of mindfulness needed to survive and thrive on maternity leave in Mwanza. Mwanza is not a booming metropolis and as a result there are scant opportunities for Mum and Baby entertainment. Some entertaining activities can be created through one’s own initiative; others can be adapted to fit into something beneficial … Continue reading Catch the moments one by one


There are these moments…

There are these moments, quick flashes sometimes, when everything is right in your world. Catch them if you can. This week has been rough. Some weeks just are I guess. It’s been a closing in on me kind of week and I’m pretty spent. But there have been these moments, all week long, like something … Continue reading There are these moments…

The goodness of normal

I have been a bit quiet with my little blog posts recently, and it's mostly because I haven't had anything particularly note-worthy to write about 😉 Things have just been "normal" for a while... no big epiphanies about the meaning of life, no profound moments of relational connection and world-saving compassion. Just normal... and today, … Continue reading The goodness of normal