About Me

My name is Shannon and I am a first-generation Canadian, born to Scottish parents and currently living in Mwanza, Tanzania. My marriage spans two distinct cultures and I have lived away from my home country since 2009. I became a mother in 2016 and have found myself in a continuous process of transformation in my journey into motherhood.

Like many others, I have developed habits along the way that may have been helpful when they were formed, but are no longer helpful now. I have had to unlearn and relearn many times over and continue to do so. My journey toward well-being has been a bumpy and twisty road, most often two steps forward and one step back. I am learning to discover grace in all its various forms, to stand on my own two feet and to develop habits that align with my values.

I studied social psychology in my undergraduate and graduate degrees and I love to try to understand why we do what we do, mostly so we can find ways to make it all a little bit easier. I have invested my time and money in personal therapy over the years because I needed to and because I really do believe it helps.

I write about Parenting, Cross-Cultural Living, and Radical Self-Care. I write musings about what I’m learning to share the mess in the middle with you in hopes that it connects to your experience and gives some helpful insights into your journey.

Ram Das said, “we are all just walking each other home”. It is my hope that we can journey together through the mess in the middle, finding ways to make it easier and to cultivate more gratitude, more joy and to notice the beauty in the midst of struggle.


This is where I share my musings, I am immensely grateful you are taking the time to read them.